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The eighth Summer - A film by Andrea Schramm

Chris and Aline Fussy

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"When I was 16, I was told I'd be dead by 18. Now I'm 37.Maybe I'll be 60 one day, having cheated death." Christian Fussy

Documentary film (86 min)

This eighth summer starts just like the previous seven they have known each other. They are in the best of spirits and only do things they feel like doing – they call it cherry picking. Aline-Chris Hochzeit

Aline and Chris are about 30 years old when they fall in love. They are a dynamic couple with a zest for life and an abundance of dreams. The fact that they are both suffering from Cystic Fibrosis, a terminal illness, is merely of marginal importance to them. They are not envious of their friends who have more time to live – they regard their own fortune as a sort of concentrate. Their wedding is a lavish celebration and their happiest day.
After having been together for eight years, Aline and Chris decide to be accompanied by a film team – not knowing that it will be the most important year of their lives. Chris Krankenhaus

Aline-Chris Transplantation

They both feel as if they were breathing through a straw. At one point, Chris cannot even walk ten steps at a time without oxygen. Earlier than expected, the doctors recommend a perilous operation. Chris has a fifty-fifty chance for a new life; he is put on a waiting list and will only survive if a fitting lung can be found. It’s a race against time – if it takes too long, he will suffocate. Aline talks to him about death, but Chris is convinced he will survive: He intends to run a half marathon one year after the transplantation.

transplant Just before the transplant, Chris goodbye to his friends

Some months later, a lung for Chris is finally found. The operation is a success; the organ fits. Chris is breathing again. In these months only Aline is allowed to visit him with her camera. In her gravest of times, she captures moments of intimate togetherness on film, but also displays a weaker side that she’s trying to hide from Chris. The camera serves as her outlet for her weariness and helplessness, so she can be strong for Chris.

"The Eighth Summer" is a film about true love, about saying goodbye, and about new beginnings – and first and foremost about the art of being happy even in the most difficult of circumstances.


protagonists Aline & Christian Fussy  written & directed by Andrea Schramm  Camera Steffen Schencker  DV-Camera Aline Fussy 
Editor Frank Brummundt  Story Consultant Tamara Trampe  Sound Andrea Schramm  Sirko Löschner  
Assistant director Carolin Genreith  Assistant editor Anja Keysselt  Image editing Matthias Behrens  
Sound Design Dominik Avenwedde  Sound Mixing Ansgar Frerich  Closing Music Boris Bergmann  trumpeter Matthias Kamps 
Producers Andrea Schramm  Jörg Langer  Editorial Enno Hungerland (WDR)  Reinhard Wulf (3sat)

Produced by Schramm-Matthes Film and WDR / 3Sat